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List of Kombucha Tea contents after seven day ferment:
* concentrations vary with preparation and process time) every batch
is different (even if you make it the same every time) They are
naturally organically occurring and fully absorbed by the body…no side
effects…SELF HEALTH!!
1. Acetic acid (antiseptic) inhibits the growth of
Salmonella,Stapylococcus aureus,E.coli and other harmful bacteria
Hydroxy acids. 2. Carbonic acid - presents in blood aids in CO2
release and regulation of blood pH levels
3. Caffeine -
4. Chondroitin sulfate - a component of cartilage speeds healing of
bones and soft tissue.
5. Egesterol -
6. Gluconic acid - a liver detoxifier that binds metabolic and
environmental poisons, facilitating their excretion from the body,
which impedes the progression of viral infections and can dissolve
gallstones; -acts as a food preservative and is a product of the
breakdown of glucose (sugar).
7. Glucuronic acid - helps protect the body tissues from absorbing
toxins and poisons found in our environment making us sick. Toxins are
dissolved and excreted by the kidneys by virtue of the fact that they
couple with flucuronic acid to form soluble flucuronides or paired
Glucuronic acid. Vital to detoxification of the body, and is produced
by the healthy human liver, and vital for it's recovery. A precursor
for mucopolysaccharide which helps in the prevention of the aging of
skin tissue. and gluconic acid help protect the digestive tract.
8. Unfractioned Heparin - a blood thinner found especially in liver
and lung tissue that helps regulate blood clotting. Immune booster,
anti-inflammatory, ulcerated mucosa , IBS, ulcerative colitis
9. Hyaluronic acid - a component of the connective tissue
10. Dextrogyral (L-Lactic acid+) - detoxifier, activates cell
respiration, increases oxygen in the blood and thus increases energy,
assist blood circulation, helps prevent bowel decay and constipation.
Aids in balancing acids and alkaline in the body and believed to help
in the prevention of cancer by helping to regulate blood pH levels,
also supports liver function.
11. Lecithin – emulsifier, helps break down fats in the body and
protects the myelin sheath, which surrounds the nerves. Regulates
12. Malic acid is helpful for preventing muscle fatigue
13. Mucoitin-Sulfuric acid, a component of the stomach lining.
14. Oxalic acid stimulates energy production at a cellular level.
15. RNA (ribonucleic acid)
16. Tannic acid – astringent substance, slows fermentation
17. Usnic acid - a natural antibiotic found most commonly in lichen
18. Vitreous humor is a clear gel which occupies the posterior
compartment of the eye, located between the crystalline lens and the
retina and occupying about 80% of the volume of the eyeball.
19.Vitamin A (retinol)– Infection fighter, essential for pregnancy
and lactation, protects against radiation, air pollution, kidney
stones, night blindness, toxins in the air, aids secretion of gastric
juices for protein digestion, builds bones and teeth, prolongs
longevity, and delays senility, maintains and repairs healthy tissue.
Acne, alcoholism, allergies, athletes foot, arthritis, asthma,
bronchitis, hay fever, colds, flu, diabetes, eczema, eyesight, ear
disease, hepatitis, migraine, psoriasis, sinusitis, stress, yeast
infections, osteoarthritis, tooth and gum diseases, generating
pigments in the retina.
20. Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Called "Morale" vitamin. Essential for
health of entire nervous system, for proper functioning of digestive
system, aids growth of young children, assists the body to utilize
energy from carbohydrate foods, needed during pregnancy and lactation
and strenuous exercise. Nourishes brain, eyes, ears, hair heart,
liver, kidneys. Blood builder, maintains intestines and stomach;
alleviators of pain; prevents excessive fatty deposits on wall of
arteries, aids treatmant of herpes, repels biting insects, protects
against effects of lead. believed to aid in the prevention of
arthritic conditions, arteriosclerosis, cancer, free radical damage,
skin aging, stroke, brain cell aging, immune system stimulant,
alcoholism, anemia, depressions irritability, congestive heart
failure, constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, nausea, indigestion mental
illness, stress, rapid heart rate, seasickness, air sickness,
beriberi, shingles.
21. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Called the "youth vitamin". Essential
for proper enzyme formation, normal growth, tissue formation -
metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins – Helps maintain good
vision, skin, nails, hair. Essential for antibody formation,
sodium/potassium balance, production of red blood cells and hormones,
absorption of iron, provides extra stamina and essential during
periods of lactation. Arteriosclerosis, baldness, cystitis,
hypoglycemia, mental retardation, muscular diseases, nervous
disorders, nausea in pregnancy, obesity, stress, dizziness, trembling,
depression, hysteria, allergies, arthritic conditions. Helps detoxify
22. Vitamin B3 (Niacin, niacin amide, nicotinic acid) - Assists body
to perform energy producing reactions in cells. Converts amino acid
tryptophan into niacin. Promotes good physical and mental health, aids
in healthy skin, tongue and digestive system. Regulates levels of
blood, preventing high cholesterol and high blood pressure and heart
attacks. Essential for production of male and female sex hormones,
helps regulate blood sugar level in hypoglycemia and eases attacks of
diarrhea. Used to treat schizophrenic and autistic children. Acne,
baldness, diarrhea, halitosis, leg cramps, migraine, night blindness,
hypertension, tooth decay, poor circulation, stress, backaches, poor
memory, senility and schizophrenia. arthritic conditions Promotes
sexual excitation and stamina, also used as a tranquilizer substitute
in high doses.
23. Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic Acid) "Panto" means everywhere – is
found in every living cell of the body. Essential for health of
adrenal glands and hormones; needed for proper digestion,
metabolization of fats, carbohydrates and protein, antibody formation
and regulation of growth stimulation, vitamin utilization (radiation
damage), May stimulate pituitary gland to put out natural cortisone.
With calcium – stops teeth grinding at night, hypoglycemia, allergies,
anemia, arthritis, asthma, diarrhea, eczema, muscle cramps, loss of
hair, heart, premature aging, respiratory infections, Addison's
disease, baldness, cystitis, diabetes, depression, PMS, alcoholism,
tooth decay, wound healing.
24. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) Called the "vitality
vitamin" Essential for conversion of protein foods into amino acids,
production of antibodies, hormone adrenalin to maintain a balance of
minerals, potassium and sodium for entire nervous system formation of
red blood cells, protection against effects of an aesthetics and
nausea in pregnancy, prevents formation of kidney stones, converts
oxalic acid into a harmless form, protects harmful effects of gamma
radiation and X-rays, aids in digestion and food assimilation, helps
PMS, cancer immunity, essential for adequate enzyme function, without
B6 the body can barley tolerate glucose and becomes sensitive to
insulin, prevention of arteriosclerosis, free radical damage, obesity,
headaches, anemia, hypoglycemia, epilepsy, insomnia, arthritis,
asthma, Parkinson's disease, cataracts, weight control, high
cholesterol, eczema, convulsions, heart attack, rheumatism, stroke,
and promotes "sex flush" and orgasm.
25. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) works with vitamin B12 in reducing
homocystine, a risk factor for heart disease. Essential for entire
nervous system to stimulate production of hydrochloric acid, formation
of genetic cells DNA and RNA, essential for the absorption of iron and
calcium with vitamin B and C to break down protein foods, essential
for the formation of new red blood cells, production of antibodies and
the maintenance of sex organs, Aging, Cancer, Crohn's disease, Heart
disease (arteriosclerosis & hypercholesterolemia), Immunodepression
(including AIDS & CFIDS), Memory loss (including Alzheimer's disease),
Osteoporosis, Periodontal disease.
26. Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin, cyanocobalamin) Calcium needed for
assimilation. Essential for the assimilation of carbohydrates, fat and
protein, blood cell formation and bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract,
needed for normal growth, healthy skin, mucus membrane and nervous
system. Necessary for the body's use of amino acids, vitamin D, and in
the utilization of iron. Injections of B12 have been given in the
treatment of pernicious anemia as in multiple sclerosis, great
improvement as well in chronic alcoholism and diabetes mellitus and
osteoarthritis. Fatigue, nervous system, poor memory, allergies,
alcoholism, pernicious anemia, ulcers, heart disease, bronchial
asthma, angina pectoris, bursitis, epilepsy, diabetes, hypoglycemia,
insomnia, obesity, shingles, stress neuritis, mental illness,
osteoporosis, bursitis, hepatitis, ms., Alzheimer's.
27. Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid) Improves blood circulation and
body's ability to use oxygen, metabolism of protein, fat, and sugar,
stimulates the glandular and nervous systems, prevents premature aging
and fat particles from accumulating in the blood, assists heart
muscles and healing of cuts, stabilizes emotional and mental problems,
detoxifying agent, protects against carbon monoxide poisoning and
possible cancer causing chemicals and pollutants; rheumatism angina,
asthma, hypertension, emphysema, alcoholism, cancer, hepatitis,
cirrhosis of the liver, arteriosclerosis and headaches.
28. PABA (Para-aminobenzoic Acid) Essential for synthesis of folic
acid, blood cell formation, protein metabolism, hair color, skin
health and pigmentation, acts as a sunscreen, health of intestines;
enhances intestinal flora activity, anti-aging, eczema, parasites,
nervousness, baldness, constipation, overactive thyroid, rheumatic
fevers, stress, infertility.
29. Choline – Essential for healthy liver, kidneys, brain and heart.
Strengthens weak blood capillaries, gallstones, digestion of all types
of fatty foods, needed for storage of minerals, especially calcium and
vitamin A. promotes even distribution of fats around the body,
combines with other ingredients in the liver to produce lecithin.
Hepatitis, cholesterol, baldness, constipation, hypoglycemia,
dizziness, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, asthma, eczema, alcoholism,
muscular dystrophy, heart trouble, high blood pressure, hardening of
the arteries.
30. Inositol – Cleanses blood of excessive fats, assisting the
action of the heart, and reducing blood cholesterol by producing
lecithin. Stimulates digestive action, promotes hair growth,
stimulates normal growth and survival of cells in bone marrow and eye
membranes. Baldness, constipation, eczema, heart disease, hardening of
the arteries, arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis of the liver, glaucoma,
obesity, gall bladder trouble.
31. Vitamin C (from Lactic acid) – Called the "youth" or "stress"
vitamin, helps prevent infection by increasing and speeding up
activity of white blood cells, destroying all viruses and bacteria.
Primary role in formation of collagen, essential for good teeth,
bones, growth of children, glandular activity-especially adrenal
glands, helps detoxify harmful cancer-causing substances by
reinforcing the defense system; cleans blood; converts cholesterol
into bile salts for prevention of gallstones, and kidney
stones-absorption of iron, enables the storage of folic acid. Efficacy
of ascorbic acid is enhanced taken with natural vitamin C. Iodine
conversion, antioxidant,, fatigue, detoxifies drugs, protests against
nitrates and nitrites. Arthritis, colds, alcoholism, allergies,
scurvy, tonsillitis, ear infections, arteriosclerosis, baldness,
carbon monoxide, heavy metal poisoning, cystitis, drug addiction,
hypoglycemia, heart disease, hepatitis, obesity, prickly heat,
sinusitis, tooth
decay, stress, asthma, radiation, memory and learning functions,
regulates homocysteine levels in the blood.
32. Vitamin D (Calciferol) – Essential for health of glandular and
nervous system. Regulate all mineral and vitamin metabolism -
especially calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A; heart action, blood
clotting. Use for acne, alcoholism, rickets, colds, depression, eye
infections, tooth decay, myopia, conjunctivitis, rheumatoid arthritis,
allergies, cystitis, psoriasis, stress, cramps, constipation, type 1
diabetes, cancer, bones. 33. Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – vitamin A & E
activate each other. Essential for effective use of linoleic acid and
for health of adrenal and pituitary glands. Enhances oxygenation of
blood, reduces cholesterol, increases fertility and male potency,
revitalizes, strengthens heart muscles. Selenium increases power of
vitamin E as well as manganese necessary for vitamin E to be more
effective. Strengthens muscles, protects lungs, may retard cancer,
prevents sterility, protects against radiation, free radicals and B
group vitamins from rapid oxidation. Heals scar
tissue, burns, aging, blood clots, cramps, heart failure repair,
diuretic-blood pressure, migraine, headaches, muscular dystrophy, cold
sores, coronary thrombosis, diabetes, prostate cancer nephritis,
miscarriage. Assists in the use o K. detoxifies mercury. Eyesight.
34. Vitamin H (Biotin) - lack causes dermatitis; Essential for
normal growth of all body tissues and cells. Mothers lactation,
metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and utilization of B
complex vitamins, maintenance of skin, hair, all secreting glands,
nerves, bone marrow, male sex hormones, fatty acid production.
Baldness, mental depression eczema, leg cramps, digestion
35. Vitamin K - Essential in formation of prothrombin (a blood
clotting chemical) produced in the intestines of normal healthy
people. Important for normal function of the heart and liver, needs
bile to be utilized, required for conversion of carbohydrates into
glucose. With vitamin C effective in preventing hemorrhage after
surgical operations. Wound healing, bones, essential to clotting of
the blood.
36. Essential amino acids (protein building blocks)
a. Leucine- Necessary for growth; stimulates brain function;
regulates digestion/metabolism; essential for blood development;
increases muscular energy levels.
b. Lysine- doesn't work without c, forms collagen, uses
calcium to form bone, cartilage and connective tissue; heals wounds;
strengthens circulatory system, normalizes cell growth; controls ph;
gland function; viruses, herpes I & II, cold sores, fever blisters,
osteoporosis, rickets, dental caries, digestion.
c. Methionine- Essential to prevent excessive accumulation of
fat in liver; controls fat level in blood; hemoglobin; cholesterol
levels; rheumatic fever, toxemia (pregnancy), digestion, ammonia rash
and blisters; anti-fatigue; anti-stress; clams nerves, detoxifies
heavy metals, histamine, prevents arteriosclerosis.
d. L-Phenylalanine- Remarkable therapeutic properties.
Essential for production of adrenalin. Needs c and b6 for it's
metabolism. Necessary for growth and formation of skink hair
pigment—(melanin) Aids in waste elimination of kidneys and bladder.
Necessary for thyroid gland to secrete the iron rich hormone thyroxin
to regulate the metabolic rage—(how fast food is burned) mental
disorders, arthritis, migraine, low back pain, whiplash, AIDS, PMS,
Parkinson's disease, improves immune system, appetite suppressant,
diet aid, outstanding stimulant, healthy blood vessels, eye problem
e. Threonine- improves assimilation and absorption of food.
Essential in mental illness prevention and treatment. Required for new
cell development. Works in combination with other amino acids to
improve nutrient absorption, prevents fat build-up in liver when
choline is deficient in diet; important constituent of collagen,
enamel and protein. Mental illness, personality disorders.
f. Valine- sparks mental vigor, muscular coordination,
nervous system; necessary for glandular functions, required for normal
growth of cells. Deficiency could lead to nervous disorders,
fingernail biting, insomnia, poor mental health.
These essential amino acids are not made in the body and must be
obtained from food sources. anti-aging properties, aids in the body's
production of Growth Hormone (GH). It feeds our cartilage.
37. Enzymes
a. lactase - necessary for digesting lactose, the sugar found
in milk products
b. invertase - helps digest the sugar sucrose.
Enzymes promote chemical and metabolic processes in the body.
38. Minerals contained in the yeasts
a. Chromium – Essential for the metabolism of glucose for
energy and syntheses of fatty acids and cholesterol and protein, helps
in blood sugar regulation. Arteriosclerosis, diabetes, growth aid,
hypoglycemia, pregnant women, elderly, high blood pressure, cholesterol.
b. Potassium – Main healing mineral. Works together with
sodium to keep acid-alkaline balance. Assists recuperative powers,
strengthens heart muscles, keeps body in healthy condition, improves
anti-cancer cells, repairs liver, changes glycogen to glucose, aids in
waste elimination, prevents ailments. Physical and mental stress,
calms nerves, hardening of the arteries, aging, diabetes, arthritis,
rheumatism, wound healer, lymph glands congestion, heart problems,
allergies, liver disease, blood pressure, bones, heart surgery
recovery, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, diabetes.
c. Sulfur- hair, skin, nails, and joint health Known as the
beauty mineral, growth promoter, keeps hair glossy and complexion
clear, works with B complex vitamins, acts as an oxidizing agent,
essential for protein absorption, counteracts acidosis,, assists
growth in children, normal function of heart muscles. Must be balanced
with phosphorus, required for proper digestion, metabolism of
carbohydrates, influences liver, promotes bile secretion, regulates
nerve impulses, cell formation, essential in the stimulation of egg
and sperm production, without sulphur babies could not be born or
chickens hatched. Digestion, blood purifier, hepatitis, dandruff,
acne, depression, menses.
d. Iron – Called the anti-anemia mineral. Calcium and copper
needed for effective iron absorption, and combines with protein forms
hemoglobin, improves protein metabolism, needed to bring oxygen to the
lungs and to all the body's muscular cells, improves circulation
intensifies mental vitality, liver, kidney and heart function,
digestion and elimination. Iron and oxygen promote youthfulness.
Dizziness, depression, headaches, anemia, heartburn, breathing
difficulty, heart palpitations, alcoholism, constipation, energy,
immune function, migraines, hair/nails, colitis, menstruation, colds,
sore throat, wound healing, diabetes, peptic ulcer, nephritis.
e. Phosphorus – Vitamin D and calcium essential for prop3er
phosphorus function, Essential for cell division and reproduction,
promotes secretion of hormones and maintenance and repair of entire
system, stimulates blood circulation, keeps acid out of bloodstream,
provides quick release of energy, utilization of fats, proteins,
carbohydrates, reduces possibility of cancerous tissue formation
assists transfer of fatty acids throughout the body, normalizes blood
f. Selenium- works with E as an antioxidant of toxic
materials and helps the body utilize oxygen, increases amount of
oxygen to cells, assists normal body growth, helps to prevent
chromosome breakage causing birth defects. protects against all cancer
free radicals, slows down aging process, with choline protects against
tumor growth, helps kidneys, delays the oxidation of poly-unsaturated
fatty acids for elasticity of all skin tissues. Premature aging,
protein deficiency diseases, birth defects, scalp problems, emphysema,
protects against disease, AIDS, eyes, skin damage, high blood
pressure, infertility, heart function, sexual function, menopause.
g. Cobalt – Essential for human nutrition; aids in the
assimilation and synthesis of vitamin B12, stimulates many enzymes for
the body. Essential in the building of red blood cells and other cells
in the maintenance and function, cobalt must be supplied by the diet,
increases assimilation of iron. Pernicious anemia, nervous disorders,
growth aid, heart palpitations.
h. Calcium – Essential for smooth functioning of heart muscles
and muscular movements of intestines (peristaltic action) aiding
digestion. To function efficiently calcium must be in combination with
magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A,C and D as well as zinc and inositol
for proper absorption, also must have acid, otherwise will collect in
joints and tissues. Necessary for the formation of bones and teeth and
to maintain healthy glands. Only when calcium levels are low can a
virus infection occur, improves acid-alkaline balance, metabolizes
iron, helps vitamin C function, protects against heavy metals and
radioactive material. Blood pressure, PMS, regulates muscle function,
regulates heart beat. There are more than 140 calcium related
deficiency dis-eases.
39. Nutritional fission yeast –wipes out the bad.
a. Schizosaccha-romyces pombe
b. Saccharomycodes ludwigii
c. Pichia fermentans
d. Varieties of Saccharomyces apiculatus
40. Bacterium (the friendly stuff) wipes out the bad stuff.
a. Bacterium xylinum
b. B. xylinoides
c. Acetobacter ketogenum
d. Acetobacter aceti
e. B. gluconicum.
41. Butyric Acid – protects cellular membranes and combined with
glucuronic acid, strengthens the walls of the gut and alsoprotects
against parasites, yeast infections
42. Beta-glucans – a cell-wall component, potent free radical
scavenger, insulin stimulator, non-specific stimulator of the human
immune response. Reacts against viruses, bacteria, fungi, endotoxins
and foreign debris, including the up-regulation of cytokines, bone
marrow production, monocytes, neutrophils, natural killer cells, and
topical applications.
42. The miracle lichen…tightly knit cellulose sponge… Cellulose is
an insoluble fiber that fuses to toxins for elimination.

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