Research Programs

We want to promote and inititate collaborative works on bacteria and ferments. We are interested in experiments which can be distributed among many participants, and which require no complicated device.

Projet Symbiose

Possible research programs:

  • Pesticides and ferments: Do pesticides-free fruits and vegetables give better results in fermentations?
  • Does organic milk give better results in fermentations?
  • Raw sugar, honey, malts and their enzymes: how do they interfere with fermentations?
  • "Extension du domaine de la fermentation": creating new reciepes. Brussel sprout Kimchi?
  • Fermentation instead of cremation: I want to be fermented!
  • Momification and Natron : which bacteria were at work in ancient Egypt?
  • A palette of spores for mold painting.

Please get in touch with us if you want to participate or submit a new research program.

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